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To ‘restore’ means to bring something back into existence or use, its normal or original condition, health or position. It can also mean the return of something lost or taken away.

That’s what happens at Restoration Christian Ministries as the name suggests. As well as restoring people to God, we raise and encourage awareness of our Hebraic heritage, arguably long lost as far as the modern Church is concerned.

Christianity has its roots in Judaism. Jesus Christ was born a Jew; his followers were Jewish. They correctly identified him as the Messiah, a Jewish figure predicted in Jewish scriptures. Jesus taught and adhered to these scriptures and taught his believers, the members of the early Church, to do the same.

RCM expresses solidarity with Israel and Jews worldwide because this nation is appointed by name in God’s redemptive plan for us all. They are God’s chosen people. God’s Covenant, given to Abraham and his descendants, is with Israel and we are made partakers only through Jesus Christ. 

Much of the Bible’s prophetic content concerns Israel, so the world is directly affected by their fortunes. Biblically, the New Jerusalem will be the ‘City of the Great King’ when Jesus Christ returns to reign.

God says He will ‘bless those who bless’ Abraham and his descendants  and ‘curse those who curse’ him. We are also told to ‘pray for the peace of Jerusalem’ and that those who do, prosper. 

At RCM we observe the Jewish feasts and Holy Days of the Bible because we believe they are divinely appointed times with God for reflection, thanksgiving, fellowship and celebration.  

They are powerful acknowledgements of God’s faithfulness to His plan of salvation and reconciliation for mankind. Above all, they highlight Jesus Christ as the Saviour of our world and the abiding significance of his presence in our past and future.

Please check the diary on this site to note our next Jewish Feast or Holy Day observance if you would like to join us.

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