Know the Truth (Know why you believe what you believe)

Published by Leonard McDonald on Tue, 29 Jan 2019 00:00

Some people have requested teaching on the key doctrines of the faith.  So, starting in March 2019 we will be teaching Christian Doctrine throughout the year. 

Who can attend?  Anyone

Where will it be?  Online (like skype). All you need is a mobile phone connected to the wifi, headphones, or earphones and your Bible.

Do you need a textbook?  Not really, but it will be helpful if you want to go deeper after the course.

Will it be easy to learn?  Sure! The course will be pitched for over 16's.

What will I learn?  At the end of the course you will understand why you believe what you believe, have a solid foundation to articulate your faith and know how to live the abundant life.

Outline of teaching:

Term 1:  (6 weeks)

The topics include:

1. The Bible- How do we know the Bible is God's word?

2. God- How do we Know God exists?

3. Man-Why did God create us?

Term 2 & 3 dates will be set later.


Starting March 2019-  Weekday (Evening) or  Saturday (Afternoon)

The time and date of the course will be set around peoples availability.  

Please sign up and let us know your availability.



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